Take the Cake Brunch

we decided to go for brunch at Take the Cake a couple of weekends ago. i had already been there one other sunday with a friend of mine and so was excited that cheeks was going to be able to finally see for himself what i had been raving about.

curried chicken soup over a buttermilk biscuitspinach and tomato frittata

the staff did not let me down! cheeks ordered the curried chicken soup over buttermilk biscuits and i asked for the spinach and tomato frittata. yum!

we both wowed at the flavors of the curried chicken soup and my frittata … mmm . i am a potato-lover, and so i geeked out at the layer of potato that sat just on top of the egg layer which made the base. the eggs were so light and fluffy!

and we could not leave without having one of their desserts. one for each of us! i guess we both insisted on this (or was it me) and, like the meal, they did not disappoint! we’ve had their cupcakes numerous times in the past as well as a different version of their bread pudding, and we didn’t venture out this time. there is comfort in already knowing the flavors of what you’re going to eat. we also packed a box of some extra desserts to bring back home and share with friends (their cheesecake black bottom is so good! will be ordering that again next time!)

caramel bread puddingpumpkin carrot cupcake

i was told this is their 3rd location (they were once located downtown along Main and Liberty I believe; this is their 2nd space in the Northside area), and this is the first time they are serving food other than their well-loved desserts. their space invite a sense of community with 2 long communal tables along the floor-to-ceiling front windows and along the main wall. there is also a long eating counter facing the kitchen and prep area.

TtC chair detailTtC table

food here changes every day so make sure to check their website before you go. or just go and let yourself be surprised! like us, you won’t be disappointed.

flank steak salad with pomegranate and cheesebuttermilk biscuits rancheros

(L: flank steak salad with pomegranate and cheese; R: buttermilk biscuits rancheros)

creamy squash soup with candied pepitashot tea

(L: creamy squash soup with candied pepitas; R: hot tea)

TtC cupcakes


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