Via Vite

yesterday was cinco de mayo and we had not planned on going anywhere really. i had a recipe in mind to prepare. 2 in fact: gemelli pasta with swiss chard, sausage & pine nuts, and lemon & currant cookies. i was planning to substitute the currants with blueberries (i had the most amazing blueberry lemon tart in portland, maine last year and knew the flavor combinations will work). but i digress …

i’m usually the planning person, and i love it that cheeks balances me out by being spontaneous 🙂 so we decided to head downtown!

it wasn’t really for the cinco de mayo celebration on Fountain Square (there was Zumba salsa lessons when we arrived), but we still walked through and surveyed what was going on foodwise. we were there mainly for 1 thing, well 3 things actually: Senor Roy’s Taco Patrol, Taco Azul and Cafe de Wheels. all cincinnati food trucks! but where the heck were they?? they were not around the square as we had thought they would be. we checked their tweets and walked blocks to find them, only … to NOT find them! we later found out that Taco Azul wasn’t serving on the truck last night, but were serving indoors, at the Mainstay Rock Bar. Cafe de Wheels had permit issues and Senor Roy’s was awol. drat!

it was 930pm by then and we were starving and getting tired by the minute. via vite it was!

(upper R: veal & ricotta meatballs “alla Cibreo” with parmigiano reggiano; below L: caprese of fresh imported buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and basil; bottom R: mushroom pate with fontina cheese, truffle oil and prosciutto crudo wood-fired pizza)

it was a nice night with a light breeze, so we asked for a table upstairs where the canopy had been rolled up.  we also got a good view of the square. the verdict: we enjoyed the sauce on the veal & ricotta meatballs (we kept dunking the baguettes in it) but the meatballs were pretty heavy. the tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella in the caprese salad were really fresh; we enjoyed that a lot! and the wood-fired pizza was yummy but could be better if it was less salty. all in all, we had a nice evening. the service was good and we didn’t feel bothered. we didn’t have room for dessert though.

we got to see the kitchen on our way out and wondered whether the “wood-fired oven” really was wood-fired. we saw a piece of wood in there …

nice thing is that their hours go late into the night, and when you’re in downtown, that’s hard to come by. so keep via vite on your list if/when you’re looking for a late night meal.


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