Brunch at Lavomatic

Chubs has been raving about Lavomatic Cafe in the Gateway Quarter for a while now.  On a Sunday afternoon, after visiting our favorite vendors in Findlay Market (12) , we made our way to Lavomatic for a very late lunch.

Tomato Bisque: pesto, parmesan cheese with grilled boursin cheese sandwich

I ordered the bisque with a grilled cheese sandwich. The soup was lovely with the  shot of fresh pesto and cheese brightening it up just enough. And while grilled cheese seems like the safe bet, at Lavomatic, it was not just a grilled cheese. The combination of cheeses on soft bread toasted to perfection hit the spot.

Gravy with Sausage and Biscuits

Since our last brunch at Take the Cake (where I ordered the heavenly curried chicken over biscuits), chubs had been craving biscuits. While Lavomatic’s biscuits arent in the same league as TtC’s, the sausage gravy loaded with sausage makes it a meat lovers dream come true.


And of course we got a side of Goetta just to try their version of the local delicacy that I have only recently discovered and grown to love.

While Lavomatic is getting a lot competition from the newer establishments that are mushrooming around it, they still hold their own against the newbies. If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere with some excellent home cooking, Lavomatic is it.


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