Terry’s Turf Club

our first attempt at dining at Terrys was unsuccessful – we missed dinner service by just a few minutes. however, we found ourselves back at Terry’s Turf Club last Wednesday. driving on eastern avenue, it felt as if we were lost, until, no joke, we saw the neon signs from a distance. cheeks breathed a sigh of relief. we were there!

we put our name in at the bar and were told that there was a 45-minute wait. cheeks got a bourbon cocktail and I got a fresh lemonade and we figured we’d have a look around while we waited. before we even realized, our table was ready. neon signs in every nook and corner provided the entertainment that kept us occupied.

we found out later on that Terry’s used to be located downtown and was appropriately named, Neon’s. i’m glad they decided to bring all the lights with them on the move.

fluorescent, neon lights bathed the interior … peanut shells carpeted the floor …

… and terry dropping by made the experience at the ‘turf club’ memorable. his anecdotes of fishing in the galapagos and the amazon woo’d us. his excitement over longan fruit and mandarin-quat (from thailand!) sincere.  he even brought some over to our table for us to taste.

(L: burger with burgundy wine w/ wild mushrooms and truffle; R: portabella sandwich with goat cheese, lettuce and tomato)

and the burgers (and sandwich)? they did not disappoint! juices dripped from our mouths and fingers as soon as we took a bite, the bun got soggy, but did not fall apart. my mouth waters when i think about the portabella sandwich that i ordered. they were meaty and paired well with the blue cheese. the crunchy fries, supporting actor to a great lead. terry even brought us some of their famous malt vinegar balsamic reduction to dip the fries in. kim, the master chef recommends trying the mushroom burger “kim’s way” for the next visit – portabella and shitake both in one sandwich.

we heard that Terry’s Turf Club was paid a visit by Guy Fieri of Food Network’s Diners, Drive Ins and Dives; the episode to be aired on may 31. for sure, the crowds will double! cheeks, grab the keys and let’s go before the masses descend!


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