Butterflies of Japan

it was a staycation for this year’s memorial day weekend for cheeks and i. one of the things on our list was to catch the Butterflies of Japan at Krohn Conservatory before they flitter away after june 20.

volunteers manned the double doorway entrance into the main room where the butterflies were left to fly around freely. cheeks and i almost stepped on a yellow one that came to rest on the floor right where we stepped in! we realized then that we needed to be extra attentive.

we caught a lot of interesting looking ones far from where anyone can reach: up above within the calamondin tree, resting on the glass enclosure of the conservatory, or far back behind butterfly-attracting plants and bushes. a pair of blue ones happily chased each other, winding through the crowd. we forgot to bring our zoom lens but we managed to get good photos of ones that paused long enough for us to press the shutter.

the butterfly show is an annual event at the krohn conservatory so fear not if you miss this year’s selection. make sure to add it to your list for next.


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