forkheartknife – the dinner

there was no hesitation in picking a place to eat at on thursday night: forkheartknife!

we had sampled a couple of their dishes on final friday the previous week : thai fruit soup (mango and pineapple diced in coconut milk and lime juice) and bravas potatoes with chimichurri (paprika, thyme and salt). they were so good, we had to come back for regular meal service.

we had invited a few friends to join us for this very special dinner. when we arrived there, all seats were taken and the restaurant/eat-in kitchen was buzzing with activity. we noticed menu items being crossed off the roll of craft paper hanging on the wall so we put our orders in right away, grabbed some cherries off the bowl on the counter, and waited outside for the next table to open up.



even now we cant get over the friendliness and warmth from the whole crew at f<3k. we were greeted by the friendliest people ever as soon as we entered! we could tell they were passionate about what they were doing, and very happy to share that with everyone.

flatbread (peppitas and paprika)

cheeks and i remembered seeing pictures of francis and the lights on their blog and when cheeks mentioned this to sierra (master chef at f<3k) she bubbled over with excitement and promptly switched the playlist to her favorite band. as soon as we sat down, the food started coming out to our table. the flatbread (pepitas and paprika) arrived first. unfortunately, they were out of the white bean dip, but the flatbread was still very good on its own. the JGB polenta (roasted cubes with fresh corn and mascarpone, almond/cashew tomato paste) was a group favorite! we were used to seeing polenta as a side dish, like grits, so this version definitely opened our eyes to new possibilities! the portabella pizza’s (chorizo/tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil oil) savory flavors was excellent too.

JGB polenta (roasted cubes with fresh corn, almond/cashew tomato paste)portabella pizza (chorizo/tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil sauce)

strawberry shortcake

and for dessert: strawberry shortcake! another twist to what we’re used to: they used a biscuit as the “cake”! mmm the whipped cream was very light, and whipped to perfection just a few minutes before serving, by sierra.

we heart the flatbread

thank you to everyone at forkheartknife for a wonderful dinner and for graciously allowing us to take photos in your kitchen. next up on our list: sunday brunch!

if you would like to read up on the goings on at forkheartknife, visit their blog here. also see soapbox’s review here.

ps. great news! they’re committing to being open thursdays for dinner, sundays for brunch and final fridays! woo hoo!


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