Shalimar Grill

I heard about Shalimar Grill when M. called a few weeks ago and went off about the best biryani in the midwest! But he forgot to give the most valuable piece of information – where to find it. I asked around to see if anyone else had heard of the place but drew blanks from most of my other friends. The next time I bumped into M. again, i asked for directions and  was shocked to find it was within a few miles of home!

The cuisine is best described as ‘moghlai’ – traditional Pakistani/Indian style cooking. For appetizers we got beef seekh kebabs and lamb chanmps (lamb ribs). They were both excellent – spicy, smoky and finger-licking good.

For the main course, we obviously got the biryani (with goat meat). There is only one spice level – hot! But they do an excellent raita to help cool you down and soothe your tongue.

We were fortunate to have been there while the chef was cooking up some fresh kheer. He brought us some fresh from the pot still warm and bubbling with sugary goodness.

On the weekends, they have a lunch buffet with popular dishes like biryani, kormas, makhanis and saag paneer. They also feature a traditional Indian brunch trio which you wont find in other places – halwa/puri/chole. Just remember to hit the gym after eating here!

And yes. I have to agree. Shalimar Grill does have the best biryani in the midwest!


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