Churchills Fine Teas

This may come across as blasphemous to a few – I try to avoid drinking coffee!!

A few years ago, I kicked my caffeine addiction and now I am able to enjoy the occasional cup o’joe without the associated poor sleep, dark circles around the eyes and aching joints that come with the excessive caffeine consumption.

It also opened up my eyes to the wonderful world of tea and herbal tisanes. English breakfast tea, flowering green teas, fruity black teas with tapioca pearls, masala chais, jasmine white tea, toasted corn tea, lemon tea, the list goes on and on. There’s so many different types.

Imagine my joy when I walked into Churchill’s Fine Teas in Findlay Market.

They have millions (an exaggeration) of varieties of teas so it might be a little difficult for the uninitiated.

Churchill’s has small jars of tea that you can open and smell to give you an idea of the flavors that you can expect from a particular tea. They can also brew you a cup of any of their teas right away; a good idea to make sure you do indeed like it.

Mother's Bouquet (chamomile flowers, rose petals and cornflowers with a little orange peel)

After running through all their shelves, we settled on 4 different teas that we liked, sampled two and bought small baggies of all 4 to take home. Our favorite so far has been the ‘detox’ blend, a herbal tisane which our bodies need, especially after all the tucking in of generous portions of dinners and desserts from all the lovely new places we’re discovering around town.

Detox Blend

Churchills also sell tea steepware and antique teapots in case you needed to stock up for your next tea party (no! not that kind!). Apparently they also do tea samplings and tea ceremonies. Maybe we’ll make our way down there for one of them.

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