Quatman Cafe

it seems we’ve been sharing goodies on our backyard that aren’t really that close to our backyard. when hunger strikes, we do find ourselves checking restaurants off our list that are more than 20 minutes from home. now we’ve been on a burger hunt ever since our visit to terry’s turf club, raving about it to anybody who would listen. on one such proselytizing ramble, one of cheek’s acquaintances retorted that “quatman cafe was the best”. upon checking, we were quite excited to discover that quatman cafe has a branch here in mason!

i could not believe it was the same quatman cafe that i’ve driven past so many times. i had never bothered to check it out; i didn’t even think it was a burger place. i thought it was another coffee house (cafe =  coffee?) that i would never get to try since they’d be closed by the time i get off from work. it was a neat surprise walking in that day and finally getting to see what it’s all about.

their menu is really really simple : with cheese, without cheese are the only two real choices. no lettuce, no tomato. pickle and ketchup is as far as they’ll go. it’s basically the burger and the bun. we were there on a sunday and their special that day was a burger, fries and drink for only $6.29 (fyi: only the mason branch is open on sundays). if you’re looking for a burger done well, this is the place to go. cheeks has a strategy for ordering burgers – to get a medium well, ask for medium because most times when you ask for medium well, it comes out really well done (chewy!).

if you live in mason and craving for a burger, skip the five guys and red robin. give quatman cafe a try instead. for one, you’ll be supporting a locally-owned, independent business; and for another, you might just like it.


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