did i mention that my weekend in columbus was a dessert-y weekend? one of our stops was jenis ice cream. mention jenis to anyone in columbus, ohio and they will nod their heads in acknowledgment. recently i even found their ice cream at the whole foods market here in cincinnati!

so what makes them one of the best? first of all they use whole cream from snowville creamery, pasteurized and delivered within 48 hrs. can you get any fresher than that?? second, the fun flavor combinations they come up with: bangkok peanut, pistachio & honey, gravel road … who wouldn’t want to try it all?

they’re also very generous in allowing their customers to try as many flavors, even offering suggestions for a flavor match if you wanted to order more than one. it was a saturday night when we were there, and the line was out the door, but i still managed  to try 4 different flavors (not anywhere near half of what they offered!). i finally settled on rhubarb rose and dark chocolate. mmm

aside from their ice creams, sorbets and yogurt by the scoop, they also sell ice cream sandwiches using cookies from where else? pistacia vera!

it’s very cool to see collaborations between local businesses. and we’re starting to see that here in cincy too. now how do we get skirtz & johnston and dojo gelato to create a gelato sandwich …


3 thoughts on “Jenis

  1. Anne,

    We partner with many local businesses here in Cincinnati including Take the Cake Cafe, forkheartknife, Thistlehair Farm, Chalk, Neltner’s Farm, and Carriage House Farm. A majority of our fresh ingredients for our gelati and sorbetti are sourced locally (within 50 miles of Dojo Gelato). We also use milk and cream from Cincinnati-area dairy farmers.

    I like to think our guests can feel even better about visiting our store and enjoying our weekly creations at Findlay Market knowing that our Italian-style ice creams do not have a massive carbon footprint to produce (no state and nationwide delivery trucks).

    Thank you for the mention and supporting a local Cincinnati small business, Dojo Gelato. See you at Findlay soon!

    — Michael Christner, Owner, Dojo Gelato

    1. dojo is still our favorite gelato by far. it’s always fun to visit
      findlay market just to see what the fantastic flavors of the week are.
      sometimes we end up gorging on the other goodies at the mkt and don’t
      leave room for the gelato. but there’s always room for the free
      samples that mr dojo hands out so generously.

      mr dojo, we’ve been waiting for an opportunity to do a special feature
      on you and the mrs on our blog. we havent been able to visit the mkt
      lately. work is keeping us busy 😦 but we hope to see you soon and
      work out something.

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