Brunch at Greenup Cafe

i took my mom to take the cake for brunch last saturday. i was happy that she got into it as i had hoped she would, even splitting dessert with me (black bottom cheesecake) after a full meal. that day made me think about other places i could take my family to while they’re here visiting for the summer.

one of those places that came to mind was Greenup Cafe in covington, ky. a couple of friends had mentioned this place before, and cheeks and i had picked a cup of their dark chocolate mocha on our way to a bengals game but we hadnt tried brunch there.

greenup cafe is part of the Relish Group of restaurants who also own chalk food + wine, lavomatic cafe, jeanro bistro, local 127 and tonic on 4th. the cafe is actually 2 doors down from chalk, another favorite, on greenup street (makes the cafe easy to find eh?). it’s in an old converted house, quite unassuming from the outside.

the walls are painted in bright colors, and a gaggle of tables and chairs fill each room, no two alike. nothing matches and yet it all seems to be in its right place. a separate room to the left, upon entering, is reserved for takeout orders, and where you will also find their pastries and desserts (and treats for the doggies too!). one of the blackboards above offer wise words: Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink Starbucks.

(quiche taragon, greenup salad and country potatoes)

(puff pastry with goetta and piperade sauce and country potatoes)

brunch was heavenly. makes you regret ever having gone to the ‘breakfast factories’. their menu is small but everything looks appetizing making it even harder to order. one of everything please? like many local establishments, greenup cafe changes their menu regularly, and sources from local vendors. be sure to check their website or call before going.


3 thoughts on “Brunch at Greenup Cafe

  1. absolutely love the friends dont let friends buy starbucks picture and the sentiment behind it. anyplace that thinks like that has my vote!

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