5th Street Wine and Deli

it’s not often that i get to explore dayton, ohio with cheeks. on a whim we decided to meet for dinner at 5th street wine and deli in the oregon district.

they have a wide selection of wine and beer and have started tastings every saturday, check their site or facebook page for the list. if you’re not keen on either like me, there are plenty of other non-alcoholic drinks to choose from in the fridge.

the deli serves boar’s head meats and cheeses, which have “no by-products, cereals or fillers, and no artificial flavors and colors”.

we arrived quite hungry. i craved for the falafel sandwich and the super nice gentleman behind the counter recommended that we get red peppers in addition to the lettuce, tomato, black olives and feta cheese on pumpernickel with hummus. a medium would be enough for us to share, he said. he wasn’t kidding! we ordered a side of chicken pot pie soup on the side and hardly even got to it! the sandwich was hearty and filling and tasty!

it was a lovely evening with a light, cool, breeze so we sat outside and enjoyed our dinner as we watched people walked past.  i will be going back for more.


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