Las Americas

lately i’ve fallen in love with the oregon district. i visit the trolley stop and the 5th street deli quite often. and now the oregon district has a new carribean restaurant. las americas has started serving breakfast and lunch. i’m hoping they expand for dinner service soon too.

apparently the owner, Dolores Quinones, had a stall at the 2nd street market. her new venue is a charming restaurant in the old bakery building, right next to the trolley stop.

like many establishments in the oregon district, las americas has a cute courtyard. theirs has a large mural of ‘starry nights’. i wonder who painted it.

i only had time for a quick breakfast run before heading to work. the food seems authentic and very satisfying. i got the breakfast special, a mushroom and sausage strata. i also picked up mofongo (fried green plantain) with chicken which was also delicious. my lunch came with a lovely fruit salad of cantaloupe and strawberries. i cant wait to take chubs there for a more leisurely lunch sometime.


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