First Wedding Shoot

last saturday, i was given the opportunity to play wedding photographer along with a photographer friend of mine. this is the first wedding that i was actually asked formally, versus just taking photos of my own will (and i WILL take photos at your wedding whether i’m asked to or not!). it ended up being a memorable experience and although it was a lot of work, i enjoyed the process, and the resulting photos.

thank you to r+n for inviting me to be a part of your special day and creating moments that were worth hundreds of photos! congratulations to you both!

some things i’ve learned:

have some composition ideas ready before the event – at an event such as a wedding, you can’t just wait for a moment to strike to take a photo; you’re going to have to create them yourself

be up front and center – if you want to get the shot, don’t be afraid to get up there (but be careful not to be distracting ofcourse; photographers should still be invisible)

have a list of people that the couple want photos of or with – very handy! and equally handy is having a point person to help gather people around for the session

take photos of the setting – a sense of place is important to complete the wedding album

bring extra memory cards – cannot be said enough!

put yourself in the couple’s place – this thought helped me in remembering what else to shoot while there. what would i like to see when i look at MY wedding album?

this being my first shoot, there were a lot of “should have’s” and “could have’s”, but oh well. it can only get better from here.


13 thoughts on “First Wedding Shoot

  1. really lovely work – I know I always say that to you, but that’s only because it’s always true. You guys did a great job!

  2. Anne! Funny, we both posted about the wedding on our blogs on the same day! And we both linked to each other’s blogs too!
    I LOVE the tips you shared and I agree with them all! My biggest regret is not getting closer to the front during the ceremony due to my own feelings of being “uncomfortable” – but yes, as we had talked about on Saturday, people don’t really mind if they know you’re the photographer!
    This was such a fun project, Anne! Thank you!

    PS: Did you see that Rachel listed our names as the photographers on the back of the program? I didn’t even know until the wedding was done and I finally had a chance to look things over!

  3. yes, those are secrets to event success as far as photos-as-art-AND-thoroughly-creative-memory-makers … you’re a natural, so keep it up! From a 30 year photo buff to your comments page, it’s delightful to see art showcasing the best of life so well (food, family, weddings, etc.!)

    A, so glad you’re having fun with it…you’ve captured the essence of what many of us look for in an event photog–someone who Gets It, who Works Hard at it, and Is Teachable / Redirectable when new inspiration hits you or the event-owner or their lieutenants (points/pts of contact as you also put it…)

    if I ever have such an event, it’s good to know there is someone who approaches the event the way I always have, because I don’t want to be my own event’s photog any more!! 🙂 Nicer to hire someone so great and fun, and get to be lazier and not worry about ‘not getting great shots’ if I don’t put all my energy toward it myself–lots of other natural photogs out there want to find you so they can also ‘take the event off’ from behind their own lens, so I recommend marketing yourself also to photog buffs, for their own events…kindred spirits will appreciate you as much as all your friends have herein, so far, methinks…so hope this is a strong sideline for you. Kudos!

  4. I just had my first taste for Wedding Photography just last Saturday. It was far more difficult and complicated than expected. Reading your post, I could really relate to it.

    Same like you, a lot of “could have” and “should have” but life does not stop for any reason. Probably like you, I had to swallow up my pride and move on !

    1. congratulations on your first shoot tayyz1990! another thing i’ve learned from this experience is: you’ll never know until you try it 🙂 i’ve toyed with the idea of wedding photography and asking around for assistantship opportunities but always felt overwhelmed! but doing it really is the only way to learn and grow 🙂 good luck on your next shoot!

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