Chicago Art Festival

who would have thought that there would be an art festival smack dab in the middle of downtown chicago?! cheeks and i were baffled at chicagoan and good friend, pinky’s suggestion to meet up there. where have they found a space to do this? and there it was, next to the chicago tribune, a collection of tents filled with art, crafts, photography, etc …

it was a nice change to what i’ve always gone downtown for when i’m in the city: all the shopping! and i do enjoy browsing art festivals like this here in cincinnati, so it was pretty cool to visit one in a different city. and as always, we are impressed with the amount of talent in such a small space!

one of our stops was Retrose. michigan artist, helma mezey, creates roses from wire mesh using an origami pattern. she treats the roses as stones, sets them in their own bezels, and incorporates them into pieces that evoke a vintage feel. i love how she updated a vintage idea.

a fun piece by another artist was this water feature (bird bath?) designed to resemble flamenco dancers! sadly, i wasn’t able to get the artist’s information.

here are links to some more artists whose work we enjoyed and admired:

Jack Kraig Photography Inc – his photography is very graphic. more like art pieces.

Bodyscapes – beautiful! may be a little risque for work. you will just have to click the link to find out!

Scott Fishman Photography – beautiful wide angle and detail shots around chicago.

our friend mentioned the Gold Coast Art Fair, which is regarded as the “grand daddy” of american art festivals, coming up aug 20-22. hopefully we can make it back there!


One thought on “Chicago Art Festival

  1. ah, good memories of summer in Chicago 21 years ago, with music, art scenes, yes…loved to see Retrose! I used to collect things like that, in theme/evocation, though hers are unique to my experience and something I’d love to support as art–thx for sharing! Hey, Roy–thanks for reminding me to check out you guys’ blog. I feel like I have just stepped out to a cafe and chatted with lovely people each time–can’t wait to get more into this in our new neck of the woods and see things anew in my old neck of the woods out there, now that I’m getting some (begged-borrowed-stolen-quasi-)’free’ time back at last!!! and the theater from Fringe–looking forward to checking that out one day. That’s part of what I’ve missed for a long time, so thx for the CNC guide to various cultural oases. Cheers!

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