Riverside Korean

we have family favorites around the cincinnati and covington areas that, for the life of me, i just cannot remember who to give credit to. and seeing that we live all the way up north in mason, i don‘t know how we could have discovered riverside korean on our own. but no matter, it is one of the restaurants that is a must for my family.

a couple of orders of seafood pancake (hae mul pa jun) starts us off, complemented by a series of appetizers in small bowls, called ban chan. usually a selection of pickled vegetables, the ban chan helps cleanse the palate for the flavors to come.

(above L: jab chae – sweet potato noodles with pork and vegetables; above R: dolsot bibim bab with beef)

(above L: beef bulgogi; above R: beef bulgogi with fresh garlic over lettuce)

(above: galbi tang – short beef rib soup)

the restaurant was owned by sung oh (of sung korean bistro) and his sister since 1995. new owners took over atleast 2 years ago, but i can’t seem to find information online of when exactly. for those who’ve followed riverside korean from the oh’s will still find their favorites in the current menu (thank god seafood pancake is still there!). they’ve also expanded and added more seating in the space next door, which they’ve called cafe riverside. oh and when you’re there, don’t forget to try their toasted corn tea.


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