i had a fun and new dining experience at emanu last friday. MG had recommended this place but we never made it there together so when CD suggested we meet there, I was determined not to let the opportunity pass again! i had already warned her that my camera was tagging along.

i have never tried east african food before (emanu serves eritrean/ethiopian food, in particular) so i didn’t know what to expect. i was excited when CD pointed out to another table, and explained how the food would be served to us: dollops of our ordered dishes over injera (according to wikipedia, injera is a yeast-risen flat bread with a unique, slightly spongy texture. it is traditionally made out of teff flour). their menu explains that “dining in ethiopia is characterized by the ritual of breaking “injera” and sharing food on a common plate, signifying the bonds of loyalty and friendship” – i like that!

and so the breaking of injera began.

(above: meat sambussa)

(above: meat combo – doro-watt, zignie and gomen)

(above L: more injera on the side; above R: my own combo)

(above L: papaya pound cake; above R: mixed stools by the front of the restaurant)

eritreans/ethiopians do not eat much dessert, but emanu does serve dessert, and homemade ones too. CD strongly advised getting our own slice of papaya pound cake, and a slice of honey cheesecake (apparently, a fork fight broke out the last time only 1 slice of pound cake was ordered). we both wanted to leave unscathed so 3 slices it was! we tried the dessert the MG way – spooning a bit of honey cheesecake over the pound cake. mmm heaven!

we had a lovely conversation with our server and she happily described how proud she felt to be able to share her country’s food. she pointed to a photo, by the bar, of her city, asmara, which is not unlike any big city here in the states. she said she was keen to start blogging about africa and eritrea. i hope she does. i would love to learn more about her country.

before leaving, when i got up to visit the restroom, CD said “bring your camera.” “are you serious?” “trust me” was all i got in reply. so i dutifully did as i was told. she wasn’t kidding! the sink and faucet fixture was too cool! i was glad that i was the only one in that restroom. i took my time getting  a couple of shots in there.

what are moments made of? experiences that open your eyes to the world out there. and lovely people you meet along the way.

(above: having this shot was worth bringing my camera into the restroom)


5 thoughts on “Emanu

  1. I am so jealous! I miss Emanu! It really is such a fun dining experience (yeah, fork fights and all…). Their food is awesome. And that dessert…. mmm. Their cheesecake transformed a non-cheesecake person like me!

  2. Oh what’s wrong with taking a camera to the bathroom? Heehee.
    I took a photo once of a restroom in this quirky restaurant in Pittsburgh called the Zenith. They had the biggest collection of owl trinkets I had ever seen. And yes I took a photo. 😉

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