Weekend in Chicago

chicago, i thought i knew you, but i’m glad i am getting to know you better.

long weekends call for a getaway, and that’s what cheeks and i did over the labor day weekend. road trip to chicago!

cheeks has been to the windy city plenty of times before and knows his way around. this wasn’t my first time either, but my past visits have mainly been to cousins’ homes in the burbs, the magnificent mile (for the shopping) and chinatown (just for joy yee’s mango bubble teas mmm). this time around though, with cheek’s planning, and friends’ recommendations, i saw chicago with new eyes.

it helps to stay in the city when you visit, and i’m glad we did. we walked everywhere! walking definitely gives you a new perspective on your surroundings.

we intended to have a relaxing weekend, so on our first day out we took our time walking towards grant park for the jazz festival. we walked through millennium park (a touristy area but still a must-see) and meandered along the bp bridge to get across the street. more fun than crossing down below.

we arrived at grant park, the field carpeted by jazz enthusiasts with picnic blankets and folding chairs. we followed a path past the first stage to a smaller one under a cluster of trees, and there we stayed for the next hour. i don’t remember the band’s name, but the music they played was memorable. it was a hip-hop/soul-inspired contemporary jazz that fit our mood that evening. we stood with a chill crowd, bobbing our heads along with the beat. i even ran up to the stage to get some shots of these cool men.

the walk back to our hotel offered some architectural eye candy and i channeled julius shulman for a shot or two.

and this was just the start of the weekend. as is customary with our backyard, cheeks and i checked out a few choice eateries. look out for our next posts.


7 thoughts on “Weekend in Chicago

  1. Love the pics! Wish we were there… can’t believe we missed the Jazz Festival! You’ll need to come back to visit us sometime before it gets horribly cold!

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