Paint the Streets

once again, we’re taking a break from our weekend in chicago report! there’s just a lot going on over in our backyard and we’re overflowing with photos to share.

cheeks and i recently participated in artswave’s event, paint the streets. the organization posted a call-out to participants about a month or 2 before the event, and i eagerly signed both of us up! i could not let this pass by.

12th street, from main to central parkway, was our canvas. the artists: young, old and everyone in between. with brushes in hand, and a pan of yellow “cheerful” paint beside us, we filled in the spaces between chalk lines, traced out in advance . the event had started the day before and so the intersection of 12th and race was already open to traffic. i felt protective and felt like blocking it again when i saw the tire tracks messing up the paint job.

we were only there for a short time, but had fun nonetheless. it was great to see the community join forces for something like this. it’s not for a cause, but for something fun, and it was a great way to bring people together. we spied this guy in a cowboy hat with an ellen (degeneres) cutout by the registration tents, getting people to do the ellen dance with him. overall i think it was a successful event.

i’ve read mixed reviews (from the subject of the artwork to the degrading paint, just a day after all painting was done). i don’t want to get into a debate with anyone, but thought i’d share what i’ve read here.

what do you think?


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