my friend, B, introduced me to this lovely tea shop years ago and i’ve loved it ever since. essencha hasn’t changed much but i love that. it comforts me to know that i can go there and know that my favorites are still on the menu (ceylon black tea with passion fruit bubble tea!). one of the changes they did make is to their hours! they are now open from 930a- 8p tuesdays-fridays, and 930a-6p saturdays-mondays.

for this particular visit, cheeks and i tried their tea lunch. we had a choice of tea to start with; cheeks chose the twizzler bubble tea and i tried the chai rooibos tea with milk & honey on the side. then came the star of the show: a bento box with assorted finger sandwiches, a bowl of soup (african bissara this day), a choice of scone (cranberry or green tea) with clotted cream & jam, and a wedge of brownie.

(above L: twizzler bubble tea and pm mantra chai rooibos tea; above R: milk & honey)

(above: tealunch using our groupon)

(above L: african bissara soup; above R: assorted finger sandwiches)

(above L: green tea and cranberry scones with clotted cream and jam; above R: loose leaf teas in storage tins)

we savored every bite for the 2 hours we were there and were not rushed to pack up and go. they were having a tea tasting that evening so we had to leave at some point, but it was the perfect casual dining experience.

essencha is up on my list of places to take people to, and now i’ve made cheeks a fan as well.


3 thoughts on “Essencha

  1. Beautiful, as always! Love the “vintage” feel of the photos. I SO miss Essencha! I still drink their Earl Grey every morning… and of course the Sunburst! Have you tried their chocolate chip scone yet? Yum.

    1. thank you mia! no, i haven’t tried their chocolate chip scone! only the cranberry and match green tea scone, which both are really yummy 🙂

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