International Balloon Fiesta

the passing of labor day weekend usually means the end of the travel season for me. but this year brought a nice change: cheeks and i flew out to albuquerque, new mexico to visit my aunt and uncle, and also to check out the international balloon fiesta!

the fiesta was from 10/2-10/10, and my aunt was emailing me pictures of different-shaped balloons that drifted over their neighborhood. we didn’t know what to expect before our flight out, except that the day set aside for the fiesta, we were going to leave the house at 430am to catch the dawn patrol and morning ascension. not really an ideal vacation, but later on we agreed, it was worth it!

it was a breathtaking experience seeing balloons inflate and rise up in the air all around us. i could not stop taking photos and was giddy seeing all the cute balloon shapes. if you are planning to attend the fiesta, make the morning ascension a must. but make sure to bundle up!

check out more of our photos from the fiesta here.


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