Wildflower Cafe

as much as we try to keep our posts in order, some things just needs to be shared right away. this is one of those posts.

the wildflower cafe is something cheeks and i are proud to have here in mason. they strive to use organic ingredients, and the freshest produce, as mush as possible (as fresh as right off the garden in the back!) this night was my 3rd time at the wildflower cafe, and this time cheeks was with me to share in this culinary experience.

the cafe is located in downtown mason, and is family-owned and run. based on their website, they may even have their moms help out on some busy nights. reservations is a must, and ours was at 8:30. the buzz was mellowing out, which gave cheeks and i an opportunity to wander the 100-yr old house after placing our orders.

upstairs is hummingbird, their wine and beer bar that, as chef todd hudson told us, stays open as long as there are people hanging out. i don’t drink but this must be what a neighborhood bar feels like. i wouldn’t mind hanging out there to chat up the bartender and the other regulars.

(above L & R: Hummingbird, the upstairs bar)

it was finally time to eat, and we forgot how chilly it was when we first walked in. our taste buds were all over the flavors they were experiencing, and they were not disappointed!

(above L: tomato with roasted red pepper; above R: the world’s best burger)

(above: ravioli with walnut and pesto)

(above L & R: bread pudding)

we decided to split a bread pudding for dessert which, chef todd told us later, is the only dessert that he makes himself. it was warm, soft and just melted in our mouths. it was a perfect comfort food ending to a really nice dinner.

what makes this establishment something to be proud of? for one, it’s in the suburbs and doing well at that! downtown mason has yet to see a revival. with big companies like p&g and luxottica in the city, mason would do well to build its downtown area up as the center of the city, where people come to eat, drink, hangout and walk around. it’s sad to see a city with such potential (and the money!) not take advantage of what it has. and what about the residents of the city of mason? what is there for them? right now, apart from the chain restaurants, not much. we hope to see the area become more welcoming to both residents and out-of-towners who are here on business. and also for the city to show more support for small business owners. there is so much that can be done.


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