Cafe Pascual’s

we consulted this guide for santa fe to figure out where to go for lunch. somewhere new for all of us since my aunt and uncle had both been to the area a couple of times before. luckily, they were open to exploring, so we ended up at cafe pascual’s.

my eyes flitted all about the cozy eatery as soon as we walked through the door. colorful tiles adorned the walls (appears to be a south western design style), colorful chairs at each table, and above, hanging art made of recycled materials. this restaurant received a James Beard Award in 1999 and “are dedicated to using fresh, seasonal, organic and naturally raised foods.”

(above L: spicy squash soup with pepitas; above R: plato prima (housemade chile relleno, tamal del dia, refried pinto beans and cilantro rice with slices of jicama &  orange))

(above: 2 chicken mole enchiladas (rosie’s free-range organic chicken wrapped in white corn tortillas served with cilantro rice and sliced jicama & orange))

the winner of this meal was definitely the spicy squash soup with pepitas. mmm a perfect comfort food especially on a chilly day.


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