Thanksgiving 2010

one week ago today, cheeks and i hosted our first thanksgiving. with my cousins taking on the star of the feast: the turkey, as well as some other menu items, we pulled together a pretty successful feast. successful = 16-18 side dishes (we are still blurry on the final count)!

this was our first thanksgiving without my aunt and uncle (cousins’ parents) living in the city, and we hope we did them proud by continuing the tradition. we couldn’t ask for a better day: family, friends, food, drinks and vegging on the couch watching football.

(above L: cheddar and leek muffins; above R: table setting ready for the feast)

(above: house bar)

(above L: butternut squash soup with fontina-cheese-topped crostini; above R: drink of choice?)

(above: turkey brined in salt and stuffed with onions, citrus and herbs)

(above L: cranberry stuffing; above R: jalapeno creamed corn)

(above L: root veggies roasted in thyme; above R: cranberry sauce)

view more photos from our thanksgiving dinner here (the set also includes photos from last year’s thanksgiving).


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