Holiday Bazaar at Essencha

i attended a lovely event at essencha last wednesday: a Holiday Bazaar. it’s the first of many bazaars going on every weekend, it seems, in the city!

i had the times wrong so arrived while the vendors were still setting up, but it allowed me to take photos around the room without bumping into customers and causing chaos. essencha did a lovely job of setting up their tea station, as well as the food service.

i came in support of one of my friends who is a graphic designer/jewelry designer/textile designer. i’ve always appreciated her eye for detail and her craftsmanship. swarovski pieces in bold colors, different-shaped clasps, sterling silver ear-wires … all these qualities (and more) make her work stand out.

her love of color is obvious as my eyes moved across her display to her textile designs. scarves in bright colors (neutrals are also available) showcase her knitting and her unique choice of patterns. ask her, and she will gladly show you a hundred ways to wear them.

you can see more works of design by behin at her etsy shop, get updates on her facebook page here, and for those in cincinnati, behin will be at a couple of shows this weekend: the sparkle holiday party at the plum court wine room on friday from 6p-10p; and yelp’s totally bazaar at the american sign museum on saturday from 7p-9p.

i also got to chat and take snapshots of some other vendors who were there. the ferguson sisters design handmade holiday cards (their pop-up cards are pretty fun!)

alicia kravitz of dulcet design had a fun collection of colorful beads paired with acrylic.

i didn’t get a chance to chat with everyone as the crowd was pouring in, but i want to thank the vendors who i met for allowing me to take photos of their pieces (and even let me move some things around!). i wish you all good luck this holiday season!


4 thoughts on “Holiday Bazaar at Essencha

  1. Anne, these photos are beautiful! Love the colors, love the textures, love the light, love the details. I would have loved to be there, but your photos make me feel like I was there! I miss Essencha… I haven’t found anything like it here in my neck of the woods 😦

  2. Thanks for coming to the show Anne. Mia I wish you were there. I wish to see you soon. I haven’t seen a place like Essencha anywhere else. I feel safe there and it feels like my home.

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