Top Viewed Posts of 2010

our first post for this new year looks back at our top-viewed posts of 2010. it was an amazing foodie year for cheeks and i. who wouldn’t love this kind of self-imposed assignment to try out all the different eateries around the city! we are sad to hear though that a couple of our favorites have closed their doors: chalk food + wine and greenup cafe. but we are hopeful that with those closures, there will be new and exciting beginnings (we heard that chef bodenstein of chalk is the new chef at parker’s blue ash tavern).

below are links to our top-viewed blog posts:

(#1 forkheartknife, #2 skirtz & johnston)

(#3 first wedding shoot)

(#4 bella luna, #5 asiatique)

it was only fitting to pay homage to forkheartknife, as our top-viewed post, with a visit. they have expanded their hours to include wednesday and thursday night dinners (5pm till around 10pm), and saturday AND sunday brunches (10am till around 2pm). cheeks and i were lucky to be the last ones to get a table for sunday brunch and got to savor 3 dishes:

• cornbread breakfast (cheddar jalapeno cornbread layered with more cheddar, roasted green & red peppers with mexican chicken chorizo on egg custard, with fruit salad)

• cinnamon toast strata with cherries and bacon (and syrup with fruit salad)

• roasted red potatoes tossed in bravas spices (paprika, thyme and salt) with a dollop of sour cream

thank you D for the gift certificate! and thank you to sierra, leah and elena at forkheartknife for still being such lovely people even with the crazy new hours (we enjoyed getting a “taste” of the yogurt with berries)!

here’s to the start of a fun-filled year with new experiences, possibilities and more photography (and hopefully good food)!


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