St Paul Winter Carnival

one of the events that we were pretty excited about was the st paul winter carnival. for one, it’s at this event that our guys were competing for the first annual ION autonomous snowplow competition; and for another, none of us have been to a winter carnival before and looked forward to seeing what it was all about.

this was the 125th year of the winter carnival and was held at peace park, in the middle of downtown st paul. we got an “in progress” view of the ice sculptures being made, and it was just nice being there before the crowd and being able to take some pictures.

food trucks were lined up along one side of the park. simply steve’s offered a sampling of their tater tot hotdish, a regional minnesotan dish, and we were hooked! a hot dinner on a bitterly cold night, yes please! some of the fare that we partook during the carnival were freshly made corn dogs, kettle corn, fried cheese curds, maple caramel taffy and mini donuts from mini donut express (they were hot and melted in our mouths! mmm).

the st paul bouncing team was also there for a short entertainment segment. it looked like fun, and one of our friends encouraged me to try, but fear got the best of me. best part was seeing the winter carnival mascot get bounced up in the air!

(maple caramel taffy being rolled in a trough of ice)

i really had a good time visiting one of the coldest cities in the US. when else would i think to go there during winter?! and i think the rest of the group had a good time as well. don’t you think sooe??


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