Follow Friday

i picked up these 2 notebooks and purple mechanical pencil (with purple lead ofcourse) at an art store on bloor street while in toronto last week. i am quite excited to start using them! the art store brought back memories of all the drawing i used to do when i was much younger. i could easily have bought more than these, but i had to practice self-discipline, especially if i wanted to be able to continue on this food journey. there were so many cute notebooks, notepads, pencils and coloring tools that i wanted to get my hands on! anyway, maybe i’ll share some of my doodles at some point.

for this week i am sharing with you valerie chua’s blog, a quiet girl. valerie is an illustrator in manila, philippines (where i was born!), who i discovered recently. this was her first drawing that caught my eye, and i’ve been a follower since. enjoy and happy weekend!

(photo and illustration by valerie chua)


2 thoughts on “Follow Friday

    1. diba?? i had memories of National Bookstore … ahhh i miss! do you remember that store Tickles? i went there quite a few times when i was still living in manila. that and Sanrio!

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