Breakfast Club

it was superbowl sunday (steelers vs packers). cheeks was craving french toast. where is the chef from the st paul embassy suites when you need him??

we didn’t want to go far so a-googling we went! our search led us to try breakfast club in lebanon. from mason, it’s actually a pleasant drive on route 42 to downtown lebanon. open fields and low homes offered a wide view of the sky. it would have taken us about the same time to go to take the cake, one of our favorite brunch places, but thought we’d try a different neighborhood this time.

(above L: a cup of their in-house roasted coffee; above R: biscuits and gravy)

(french toast)

(over-easy eggs and hash browns)

i loved their hash browns! i’ve never had them served this way and called hash browns so … ok the flavors are the same but it was something new nonetheless and now i know where to find thinly-sliced hash browns! it was good to know of a locally-owned brunch place not too far from home so we will be back when breakfast cravings need to be satiated.

the way back to mason offered a few new discoveries:

• a new cupcake place called manna cupcakes is now where a coffee shop used to be (i think it was a couple other businesses in between)

• the shoe factory antique mall and double dip, an ice cream shop that received 2 blue ribbons for their chocolate and vanilla ice creams (i think cheeks may want to have a taste of that!)

• and wild eastern turkeys grazing on an open field! ofcourse they won’t be there the next time we’re back, but it surprised me to find wild animals that close to the suburbs!

photos to come when we go back explorin!


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