Hoof Cafe

we consider ourselves very fortunate: the day we learned about hoof cafe was their last day as a brunch/lunch place. in fact, we were served one of their very last lunches. we would’ve never known how good a lunch we would’ve missed. very zen.

holly, our host, from indexg b&b mentioned that her friend, a food critic, loves this very unassuming place in the little portugal part of the city. we figured we’d give it a try while we were there. but when holly searched on the details, and told us that it was the last day before they closed, we made a change of plans. and we’re very glad we did!

the place was small, cozy, and our table was right up against the back of stools by the bar. but we didn’t mind it. it was one of our best meals!

(above L: pork belly pastrami; above R: baked beans)

(above: tongue grilled cheese)

i’m not much of a meat eater, and was reluctant to try the tongue grilled cheese, but it was all so good! happy tummies on our first and last meal at the hoof cafe.

word on the street is that the hoof cafe is going to be resurrected as a dinner joint serving a set menu of gastric delights. but for those who don’t want to wait till that opens, right across the street is the black hoof, by the same owners grant van gameren and jen agg.



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