Guu Izakaya

julia, our server at hoof cafe, gave us the lead on where to go next on our food adventure in toronto. she had been to guu izakaya for dinner the previous night and had a fun time and recommended we try it. so we decided to meet a friend of ours (on the same day that we went to fresh and hoof cafe) there for dinner – thank goodness for all the walking we did!. they serve japanese food with a twist, tapas-style, on long communal tables in a big open space. a celebratory greeting welcomed us, accompanied us to our table, and bid us a warm farewell for the night. it really was a fun place to eat with friends!

(above L: Oden (japanese-style slow cooked hotpot); above R: japanese french fries (fries with tonkatsu saude and mustard mayo))

(above: Kaki Furai (deep-fried oyster with 3 kinds of sauce))

(above: Enoki Hotate Bacon (enoki mushroom and scallop wrapped in bacon with soy sauce and mustard mayo))

(above L: Okonomiyaki (deep-fried japanese style pancake with tonkatsu sauce and mustard mayo); above R: Takoyaki (deep-fried octopus balls served with tonkatsu sauce and mustard mayo))

(above: Unagi Doria (bbq water eel, yunagi on mixed mushroom rice cheese on top))


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