Porchetta and Co

our host at hoof cafe, julia, proved to be our kind of foodie. she highly recommended porchetta & co, just down the street from the hoof. porchetta doesnt mess around. pork shoulder marinated in spices for 24 hrs, wrapped in prosciutto, then wrapped again with pork belly, and roasted for 1/2 hr and then slow cooked till its singing out to you…even you did die of a heart attack right there, you’d have a smile on your face!

the menu is simple: choose between a porchetta sandwich or a plate, then choose your sides and extras (the list is not overwhelming). we chose truffle sauce and rapini on our porchetta sandwich (they source their sourdough bun from caldense bakery across the street).

their shop, like all the other food places we’ve been so far in toronto is low-key (we had a hard time finding them while driving at night). keep your eyes peeled! their place is small but food is served pretty fast so customers are in and out the door. we were lucky to have gotten there before a late dinner rush, and got a couple of seats against the wall. the meat was so tender, we enjoyed every bite!


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