AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario)

i do believe that one of the stops while visiting a new city must include a trip to the museum. in toronto, the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) offers free admission on wednesdays 6-830pm to view their permanent collection, so we grabbed the opportunity with open arms (and minds).

photographs are not allowed in most museums, but we were able to take shots of the architecture, designed by frank gehry. wood snaked in and out of the old facade and in winding staircases that lead to the upper floors. going up that staircase felt like the scene in (the original) willy wonka and the chocolate factory where the hallway got smaller and narrower … luckily there were big windows around to prevent claustrophobia. and to see the horizon getting dark as the sun set.


2 thoughts on “AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario)

  1. Amazing architecture, Anne! And you captured it beautifully in this B&W set… I love the combination of the “industrial” feel and the “softer” curves and circles… nice place!

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