Kajun Crawfish

so the “something fun” we mentioned in last monday’s post is the crawfish boil and banh mi event at the famous neons unplugged. kajun crawfish, and a local favorite (and findlay market vendor), pho lang thang, teamed up during the crawfish season to offer up their goods. we took the opportunity, while we were in the area for second sunday on main, to stop by for dinner.

kajun crawfish is run by brother and sister, cue and thuy cao. we spoke with cue briefly while he was stirring up the giant pot of crawfish to ask how he got this idea. he says he has a lot of family in houston, and figured he could bring this tasty, spicy, delicacy to cincy. and we are glad he did! the crawfish is overnighted from louisiana so they’re as fresh as you can get them. he boils them like they do in the south, with corn and potatoes thrown in  – they hold back a bit on the spice for the mild at heart in cincinnati.

(above L: bocce ball court; above R: crawfish boiling in the spicy seasoned goodness!)

the event is from 5-8pm (or until they run out), but we would advise getting there earlier – seats are a premium! we were lucky to have gotten seats next to a friendly group of people, who we later found out, were cousins of cue and thuy. they tutored us on how best to eat the little critters, and advised us that we should get at least 2 lbs of crawfish per person (this season it was $8 per pound). we were newbies and didn’t realize how inadequate 1 lb between the 3 of us would be! we’re glad we took their advice.

(above L: crawfish finger puppets?; above R: cue is the crawfish king indeed!)

we also tried a chicken banh mi that day, but we will reserve a separate post for pho lang thang (only if we can take a minute to put down our food when we’re at their restaurant!). the crawfish season is over, but no doubt kajun crawfish has a loyal following now, and will be back next year. like them on facebook and be updated on the latest news.


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