A-Line Magazine Photo Event at Switch

i guess taking photos of my feet paid off! this photo was one of many chosen to show at A-Line magazine’s first ever photo event held at switch lighting and design, at the gateway quarter. it truly was a photo finish since i didn’t receive the print until the day of the opening reception last thursday, 7/7! whew!

the huge crowd at the event was surprising! photographers, organizers and onlookers came and went on this warm evening. thank goodness for no rain so we could stand outside and cool off. and for streetpops, who refreshed us with flavors such as thai lime basil and grapefruit tarragon.

local celebrity mixologist, molly wellman, was also on hand to serve samplers of her drink, the noggin cleanser. free popsicles, drinks and art surrounded by beautifully-designed lighting pieces, where else would you rather be?

i am very thankful for the path that pursuing every day photography has taken me. yes, there will be people who won’t like my photos, and there will be uninspired moments. but when you truly enjoy doing something, that’s enough to remind you to keep on going. do it because it makes you happy.

thank you once again to my family and friends who’ve supported me, and who’ve continued to encourage me to keep on keeping on. i especially thank cheeks for without him, this blog would not have been born.


5 thoughts on “A-Line Magazine Photo Event at Switch

  1. Congratulations Anne! So happy for you! Wish I could have been there, but as always your photos are so full of life, color, and detail that I always feel transported to wherever that place is.

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