The Winds Cafe and Bakery

the winds cafe and bakery in yellow springs comes highly recommended by our friend, S. and not just because her brother works there. as this review on their site proclaims: “this is one restaurant that respects the seasons and creates desserts as each fruit moves to center stage.” (Ann Heller, July 2001). the chefs “try to find organic producers whose methods are humane, ethical and environmentally friendly.” this philosophy with a great staff made our lunch at the winds a very relaxed experience.

(above L: soft-shell crab sandwich; above R: pea risotto with morels)

(above L: croque monsieur)

(above and below: inside the winds wine cellar)

next door, and up some steps, is the the winds wine cellar. i’m hardly a wine drinker, but will happily share with you all that it was here at the winds that i met my match: robert sinskey POV. cheeks had scored a bottle for us to share last fall (on date night)

but anyway, a visit to the wine cellar for the uninitiated isn’t all lost, if you appreciate design. and i saw a lot of well-designed labels! below are some that jumped out at me.

(above L: bread baked in house mmm)

seriously, it’s like a one stop shop: food, baked goods and wine. what more reason do you need to go?  go now!


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