Lemonade and Lenses

last thursday, i had the pleasure of meeting a group of women, and one gentleman, at lemonade and lenses’ first ever photographers’ gathering. the event was held at turpin farms in newtown, a part of greater cincinnati i’d never been before. arriving at the farm was an eye-opener! wide expanse of green fields stretched all the way till … who knows? i felt like i was far far away from the city, enjoying the potluck dinner, meeting new people and then sharing ideas and questions about the business of photography.

i decided to leave my nikon d90 at home and took photos from my iphone instead (thanks instagram!):

i can’t thank mother-and-daughter team, gina and lexi enough, for starting this community! i’m looking forward to connecting more with everyone and meeting them again soon.

you can stay up to date with all the goings on at lemonade and lenses from their facebook page here. don’t you just love the logo designed by rene at ribbons of red??


9 thoughts on “Lemonade and Lenses

    1. hi lana! it was nice meeting you too! i’m planning to attend the cincy PUG meeting on the 25th! maybe i’ll see you there!

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