A Tavola

finally, we got a table at a tavola! we did have an almost 2-hr wait when we put our names in at 7, but with final friday going on, it was bearable.

(above L: finally! a table at a tavola; above R: eggplant sliders [eggplant + heirloom tomatoes + herb aoiloi)

(above L: never an empty seat at [both] bars; above R: the pizza oven flown in from italy firing at 920 degrees F!)

(above L and R: margherita pizza)

(above L: fig jam, prosciutto, fontina, arugula; above R: white anchovies, arugula, )

and all these were worth the wait! wins for that night were surely the wagyu meatballs (sorry no photo) and the fig jam prosciutto pizza. we can go for those any time.
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