over the 4th of july weekend, i took my mom and younger brother out of cincinnati to explore pittsburgh. i was looking for a destination within driving distance, preferably somewhere we’d never been, and pittsburgh fit our specifications perfectly! our friends from the steel city were very excited about our plan.

here are some snapshots of the city:

(above L + R: andy warhol bridge)

(above 3: downtown pittsburgh)

(above 4: just ducky tours; on the river)

pittsburgh reminded me of cincinnati but a few years ahead in terms of their downtown development. their riverfront is definitely more developed than ours here: restaurants, bars, cafes bring locals and tourists over. i’m not sure how i would feel if i saw duck tours being offered here (i heard there is already one?); however, after seeing a group of people tailing a Prohibition Resistant Tour guide across liberty avenue over the weekend, i felt … proud. and i am just as excited about the development of our own riverfront area: The Banks.

anyway … this post is not for me to discuss the mixed feelings i have with all the changes …

here is a list of what we saw while we were there:

andy warhol museum


strip district

cathedral of learning

p&g pamela’s diner

primanti bros.

duquesne incline

the next few posts on our backyard will be about some of these sights. if you are planning a visit to pgh, i highly recommend the pittsburgh city guide from design sponge. it was very very helpful!


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