P & G Pamela’s Diner

if you ever visit pittsburgh, please please please stop by p and g pamela’s diner for brunch! i’m telling you (and i’m sure your friends who’ve been), you will be in heaven!

first of all, expect a long wait so go with a small group (or go by yourself if you have to!). but as soon as you get a table, the service is quick and you’re out the door before you’re even sure you want to leave.

the diner is just too cute: a collection of memorabilia is tucked away, and organized so nicely, in a built-in shelf; vintage prints and photos posted all over the walls; pink and turquoise are the colors here at the strip district location. the tables and chairs all fit with the retro look they were going for. they even used fiesta ware for their food!

and the food…mmm…mymouth is watering as i write this: their crepe hotcakes were just as i would like my hotcakes (thin, airy and with a crunch at the edges); chorizo and eggs called my name as well. i decided to be impartial. i savored that brunch as long as i could. and yes, all that food was just for me (we had a full day of sightseeing ahead).

(above L: their famous crepe hotcakes; above R: chorizo and eggs)

the other memorable part about eating at this location was the gentleman who bused the tables. he pushed his cart of dirty dishes with a skip in his step, and every movement he made was a performance. he danced around the table, turned in place, and deposited each used plate, glass and silverware like it was part of his choreography. it was a reminder to enjoy, whatever it is, in the moment that you’re doing; to make the most out of everything, how ever mundane.

once again my plea, please go eat brunch at a pamela’s diner (choose any of their 6 locations). you won’t be sorry.


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