Duquesne Incline

we could not visit pittsburgh, “the city of bridges”, without getting a bird’s eye view of the city. on the southside, scaling mount washington, is duquesne incline. i will have to say that the views on the observation deck, and by the “point of view” scultpure (a few steps away on the western end), are way more spectacular, but at $4.50 per round trip (per adult), it’s  a cheap ride for a fun experience.

(above: guyasuta and george washington in the “point of view” sculpture)

this incline was used to carry cargo back in the day, and eventually, the residents of mount washington. when more roads were built around “coal hill”, the incline eventually closed in 1962. it reopened again on july 1, 1963, as a result of a fund-raiser organized by the residents to help the incline.

because this is a tourist spot, and in a residential area, parking is very limited. i would suggest you park at the bottom of the incline, at the incline’s free parking lot. that would save you some time. i got lost navigating and driving us to the southside that i refused to drive anywhere else once we got up the hill. but parking down below is the way to go.


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