Smashing Tomato

this year, it’s been tough to stay put during long weekend holidays. so as labor day weekend approached, cheeks and i decided to head down south to atlanta. but first stop, a visit we had been planning to make, was smashing tomato.

since our awesome lunch (and dinner) experience at pizzeria libretto in toronto, we had been in search of a vera pizza napoletana (or vpn) restaurant close by. the drive to atlanta was going to take us straight through lexington, ky and so their location on war admiral way became our rest stop.

(above: parma (with fresh arugula, prosciutto and mozzarella))

(above: sheet music bread (wood-fired flatbread seasoned with sea salt, herbs, and extra virgin olive oil))

(above: affogato (vanilla gelato with espresso))
the verdict: not bad at all! for a restaurant owned by the guy who started fazoli’s, we were impressed that the company decided to offer up a concept that would make traditional neapolitan pizza accessible to a small-ish midwest city. we met a gentleman who live in cincinnati, and always make it a point to eat here when he’s in town for business. it’s no pizzeria libretto, and it’s not close enough to drive to if we were craving neapolitan pizza for dinner, but i think we’d go back the next time we’re down that way. give them a try in one of their 3 locations in lexington.


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