after our delicious meal at smashing tomato we arrive in atlanta past midnight and see a lot of people milling around. first impression was good so far: their downtown seem bustling. we noticed a gentleman standing at a crosstop, holding a gandalf-like wooden stick, and wearing a medieval costume. ohh-kay. driving a couple more blocks towards our hotel, we see fairies, princesses, superheroes … We had landed in the middle of dragoncon in atlanta! cool! not being comic fans though, we didn’t recognize a lot of the costumes, but noticed it was a mixed bag of comic, fairy tale and disney characters. regardless, it made our walks so much more interesting.

the reason we chose to visit atlanta was because neither of us have been anywhere in the south before, and it was only 8 hrs drive away (straight south on 75). i consulted the ever-reliable design sponge city guide, and off we went.

below are some shots from around the city:

(above: chess games in progress at woodruff park)

(above and 4 below: downtown atlanta)

(above and below: high museum of art)

we noticed that people seem a lot warmer, and friendlier, which affirms that statement about people in the south. the city though looks like any other cosmopolitan city, but still in a manageable state (walkable and not as gritty as new york, or even toronto).

we would definitely go back!


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