i don’t even know how to begin writing about this place without salivating over my keyboard! don’t you just love going by recommendations online (from people you don’t know!) and then you go there, and it’s a complete win? antico is one of those places for us.

the entrance to this place belies what you find soon after you order at the counter up front. passing a small dining room with a communal table, you enter into the kitchen where you can eat and also watch your pizza being made.

(above: wood-fired ovens named after italian cities and their saints)

(above: san gennaro (salsiccia, sweet red pepper, bufala, cipolline))

and the pizza … it’s to die for! we ordered the san gennaro, which has the tastiest salsiccia (italian sausage) we’ve ever had! thank goodness they were generous with the sizes! ah the memories …

and after dinner, we had to stop by the gelato truck across the street. what we thought was antico’s dessert truck is actually honeysuckle, an independent business. that night, they served flavors that complement antico’s food. after much deliberating, cheeks and i settled on the fico nero and the espresso, that surprisingly went well together. perfect ending after a satisfying dinner!

(above: honeysuckle gelato)


2 thoughts on “Antico

    1. i do feel grateful that i get the opportunity to! you’ve been traveling a lot as well these days! there’s so much more to see and explore 🙂

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