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i admit i hardly use the manual mode on my dslr. for so many reasons! but now, after having this camera for at least two years, those reasons are now becoming excuses, and i’m not buying it anymore.

funnily, today’s post on digital photography school, was telling me to “switch to manual mode”.

(photo credit: anandani yoga)

follow them and learn more tips in … everything you can think of about photography!

and here’s an awesome graphic cheat sheet that cheeks shared with me:

(manual photography cheat sheet by: living in the stills)

this breaks it down so simply to the most important settings you need to pay attention to in order to get a good exposure.

living in the stills is another great blog to follow! miguel yatco is based in new york and takes amazing images.

happy friday!


8 thoughts on “Follow Friday

    1. i shoot in apperture priority mainly because i like to control the depth of field. but the recent shoot that we had with friends in sharon woods is convincing me try shooting in manual to get the results that i want. how about you? you have a 35mm right? is that a fixed lens?

  1. There was a time when we were so used to automatic mode (atleast I was !)… but then we moved to Aperture and Shutter modes and felt they were great.

    Its pretty similar to that……take a notch further and move to Manual mode.. and then you would probably go nowhere else, until somebody invents a newer mode :-)…

    You are right, its all about taking the first step, exploring it..!

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