flip burger

yes i am a top chef fan and richard blais was one of my favorites (he won season 8 top chef all stars by the way). when i found out he was the chef at flip burger boutique in atlanta, i definitely wanted to check it out!

i admit to getting caught up in the hype, but instead of avoiding it, why not give it a try? i want to know whether the people i admire deserve my fandom!

flip burger describe themselves as a “modern burger boutique”. uh oh, sounding pretentious already. the menu looked promising though! we opted to sit outside and enjoy the not-so-hot-and-humid day.

(above L: outdoor patio; above R: strawberry shortcake liquid N2 milkshake)

(above L: lamburger (coriander lamb, tzaziki, goat cheese, arugula, tomato, red onion, marinated vegetables); above R: d+lux (black diamond beef, seared foie gras, wild mushrooms, fried shallots, red wine jam, truffle aioli))

(above: fried zuchini)

so am i still a blais fan? sure! we were glad to see him deliver! i was expecting more molecular gastronomy though, but that would have been too obvious (he did provide that element with the liquid n2 milkshakes). the burgers were just the right size and very flavorful! although they use ingredients like swiss cheese foam, seared foie gras and pomegranate ketchup, the food isn’t snobby at all.


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