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i have many memories of traveling with my family from when i was young. one of the memorable ones was visiting japan with some cousins, during summer break. i cannot recall the cities that were on our route, but i remember certain moments:

• at a stop on mount aso (the largest active volcano in japan!), we had to hold on to the adults because the wind was whipping us around

• at one of the temples, there was this column that had a cutout at the base through which you’re supposed to crawl through for good luck – i did not

• i refused to go to the hot springs bath because you had to go naked

the times i’ve been “back” have only been layovers on my way to the philippines. i’d like to explore the country again but as an adult. for now, i can travel through she who eats.

(photo credit: she who eats)

chika showcases beautiful photography of her day to day life in japan, both food and travel. you can see more of her photography here.

enjoy and happy friday!


2 thoughts on “Follow Friday

    1. thanks lauren for these links! wow bonnie tsang’s photography is beautiful! i recall seeing one of the weddings she shot for in one of the blogs i subscribe to, but didn’t know the photographer’s name. adding her to my rss feeds 😀

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