513 City Flea at the American Can Lofts

all summer long, since city flea started here in cincinnati, cheeks and i have been meaning to go. finally, on a perfect saturday in october (10/22), we headed to the american can lofts in northside for one of their events.

but first thing’s first, we had to eat! a number of local food trucks were already parked at the lot and the picks of the day were turophilia and fireside pizza. we’ve tried fireside pizza at one of the second sundays on main events over the summer, and they’re still awesome! (this time we ordered a basil pesto pizza). and since we had not had the opportunity to try turophilia before, we could not resist! we ordered a large bobby woo quesadilla: wasabi rice, shrimp and spicy mayo. its crazy how ingredients like this could work in a ’dilla, but they did:. mmm mmm mmm! (apparently turophilia means “love of cheese” in greek. i definitely have a “turophilia”!)

after the food orgy, we made our way into the lofts. the can lofts is divided into residential and huge gallery-type spaces. the residential lofts weren’t open for viewing, but we walked through the galleries where some sculptures were on display (we were big fans of the giant “robots”). it’d be awesome if they continue to use these spaces to showcase more local art!

next door, was where the city flea was housed for the day. and the adventure begins!

(above: queen city cookies)

(above and below: ceci and cela air plants terrariums)

(above and below 3: larken design)

there were so many vendors there and we were amazed at how many of them embraced this event! and it was great to see the participation from the community as well (near or far). it was definitely inspiring to see so many creative people show what they do best (and love). with the holidays coming up, its good to know that there are plenty of local gift items to fill our stockings with!

i was under the impression that the city flea started in brooklyn, ny. my mistake! apparently, the creators had previously lived in brooklyn, and when they moved back to cincinnati decided to organize a regular event that would gather all the local creativity in one spot in the city.

i think this is a success, not only for the creators, but also for the whole city. kudos for not only thinking the idea but also making it a reality. look out for their next event – the ‘Wrapped Up’ party on dec 10th in the gateway quarter. it’ll be interesting to see what the local restaurants come up with to keep the masses warm.


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