Yeah Burger

finishing up atlanta …

we had discovered during our stay in atlanta over the long weekend that most of the places we wanted to visit were closed. while exploring the westside neighborhood, we had spied that yeah! burger would be open on the monday so we decided to make it our lunch stop before the drive back to cincy .

we couldn’t say no to the burger of the month: the crab burger! my mouth waters just thinking back to that first bite! there were chunks of crabmeat instead of creamed, and it was seasoned just right to allow the crab flavor to stand out.

for our second burger, we decided to make our own: blue cheese and black peppercorn steak sauce on their grass-fed burger. just as yum!  we chose the side of the month (fried okra and jalapenos) to go along with one of the burgers.

(above: burger of the month: crab burger (jumbo lump crab on southern white, with grainy mustard, mayo and napa coleslaw))

(above: gotta have another shot of the crab burger)

(above L: side of the month: fried okra and jalapenos (gluten-free fried local, organic okra and jalapenos with creole remoulade); above R: make it your own: grass-fed burger, blue cheese and black peppercorn steak sauce)

(above: food inc and fresh dvds on display, and for sale)

service was fast and easy. you order and pay as soon as you walk in, grab your drink, take a seat, and wait for your meal to arrive. we also thought that selling food inc, and fresh, dvds was a nice touch. although we don’t always know where the food we eat comes from, it’s always good to be reminded to wonder, and ask those questions. and we shouldn’t expect anything less no matter where we eat.


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