we are so excited to share with you all a project that we are so fortunate to have been part of this past week.

513{eats} is a passion project started by gina of kiwi street studios. this project intends to be

“a collection of fabulous food related goodness that exists in the 513 area from individuals who are carving out a lifestyle for themselves, their families and their communities by following their hearts, taste buds and environmental consciousnesses.”

the official launch of 513{eats} is not until 2012, but we are excited to share this holiday issue with you:

we cannot thank gina enough for this opportunity to share what’s around our backyard this holiday season. and we are honored to contribute alongside such talented people: gina, ofcourse; chef and writer, ilene ross; and stylist, nora martini. this issue is packed with beautiful photographs, recipes and stories of how the 513 celebrate the holidays. (check out our section: neighborhoods get “dressy” for the holidays)



4 thoughts on “513{eats}

  1. ANNE!!! I just perused 513{eats}… I got teary-eyed! Really! The images are so beautiful – not just in the technical aspect – I guess how I would describe them is “comforting”. I love how you capture “ordinary” things and highlight the beauty in them. This project seems so YOU! Congratulations and I look forward to seeing more!!

  2. anne, thank you for contributing your artistic eyes and words to this endeavor. your images added depth and beauty to our very first 513{eats} issue! Looking forward to more from you! xo gina

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